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Crimes Against Kona Coffee by Karen Paterson

Coffee from the Kona District of Hawaii has a outstanding reputation built on the integrity and hard work of its 600 coffee farmers. However, there are always a few individuals who damage the hard work of others.  The quality and reputation of Kona Coffee is being abused by the "coffee crimes" of a few people. Some of their activities are: 1. Describing Kona Coffee as a Homogeneous … [Read more...]

Are Coffee Roasters Eroding the Pure Kona Coffee Brand? by Karen Paterson

Consumers tend to judge coffee by region rather than by grower. So, for example, a consumer will comment that they like or don't like Jamaican coffee without differentiating that there are some excellent, some average and some poor Jamaican coffees. Oddly, this only happens in the coffee industry. Other gourmet beverages, such as beers and wines, are judged based on the grower or the bottler. Even … [Read more...]

Check the Water Before You Brew Your Coffee!

We get a few calls every year from customers who say that their Hula Daddy Kona Coffee doesn't taste as good at home as it did on our plantation. While we like to think that the ambiance of our plantation adds to the flavor of our coffee, it isn't really true. The difference is not the geography, it is either the brewer or the water. We always start with the water. Ninety-eight percent of a cup … [Read more...]

Getting to Ripe Coffee at Hula Daddy Kona Coffee by Karen Paterson

During the first harvest on the Hula Daddy Kona Coffee coffee farm we noticed that the pickers were picking green, yellow, red, purple, brown and black coffee fruit. When we asked our manager why the pickers were picking fruit that was under and over-ripe we were told everyone did it and that the pulping process would remove the bad fruit. When we went to the coffee mill we found fruit from other … [Read more...]

Which Coffee Filter is Best for Hula Daddy Kona Coffee? by Karen Paterson

My grandmother used a coffee percolator with a metal filter to brew coffee for my grandfather. She didn't choose the filter, that was the way the coffee pot came. The coffee was black, bitter and made your hair stand on end. But it kept my grandfather working the farm until he was 86. Today, if my grandmother went to the store, she would have to choose between a steel filter, gold filter, plastic … [Read more...]

Kona Coffee Farmers at a Crossroad by karen Paterson

The Kona coffee industry is at a crossroad. One road is the traditional path where Kona coffee farmers maintain the status quo until they are driven out of business by higher costs and foreign competition. The other path is the creation of top quality coffee grown in a renowned tourist destination. … [Read more...]