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“100% Kona” is Yesterday’s Slogan

When we drive in Kona we see bumper stickers saying “100% Kona.”  The same slogan appears in advertisements and on websites. It is part of an advertising campaign by Kona Coffee trade associations to alert consumers to questionable blends of Kona coffee. We understand the motivation for the slogan. Coffee farmers and producers are angry because roasters and distributors are trading on the Kona … [Read more...]

Coffee Scooping

Hula Daddy Coffee Scoop When my grandmother made coffee, she used the scoop that came with the 5 lb. Hills Bros can and did what Hills Bros told her to do. She used one scoop for each mark on the side of her percolator. She didn't weigh the coffee, she didn't weigh the water, she didn't know what the water to solids ratio was. She did what she was told. It worked for her, my … [Read more...]

My Coffee Pot Lied

  We used to wonder why when we poured out a 12 cup coffee maker carafe that we never got 12 cups of coffee. We get the same question from our Hula Daddy farm visitors.  We now know the answer. On every automatic coffee maker the manufacturer puts measuring marks for the number of cups. If you buy a french press, Clever, siphon, Cafe Solo etc. the box says how many cups it … [Read more...]

Breaking the Dark Roast Paradigm

For years, specialty coffee has been stuck in the dark roast paradigm - roast coffee beans until they are dark and oily, brew the coffee and then add sugar and cream to kill the taste. Even better add sugar, cream, flavoring, give it a fancy Italian name and sell it for $6.00. Fortunately, coffee roasters are learning that while you can sell over roasted coffee to all of the customers some of the … [Read more...]

The Perfect Coffee Pot

The best way to brew gourmet coffee is still by hand in a french press, siphon or a pour over. However, automated coffee brewing methods are getting better. The perfect automated coffee brewer besides brewing a fantastic cup of coffee should be fast, convenient, easy to clean, always brew at 200 degrees F and provide a four minute extraction. So far no coffee pot meets all of those criteria. If … [Read more...]

Are You Drinking GMO Coffee?

Genetically Modified (GM) food is a hot topic today. Proponents laud GM foods as a way to combat food shortage, drought and plant diseases. Anti-GM groups attack GM foods as frankenfood (as in Frankenstein*). They argue that you cannot mess with Mother Nature and that changing the DNA of plants can cause human … [Read more...]

Sweet Coffee by Karen Paterson

Most of the coffee sold and served in the world is bitter and sour. Yet, red ripe coffee beans contain natural sugars and have a sweet taste. Not the sweetness of a candy bar or a soft drink but the subtle sweetness of a ripe fruit. At the Hula Daddy plantation we let visitors pick red ripe beans and taste them. They always expect an acidic bitter taste, they are surprised when they find the fruit … [Read more...]

“Throw Out Your Drip Coffee Brewer!” by Karen Paterson

Manual pour over coffee is hot.  Coffee shops all over the United States are offering manual pour over cups of coffee starting at $5.00 a cup. A well done pour over coffee is significantly better than a cup of automatic drip brewed coffee. The difference is that the coffee is pulsed into the brew basket slowly to extend the extraction time. You can make a manual pour over yourself but you have to … [Read more...]

Change Your Coffee Brewer, Not Your Coffee Beans!

If you are tired of your coffee, one way to change the flavor is to change your brewer. At the Hula Daddy Coffee Tasting Room we brew coffee for our guests usindifferent methods to demonstrate the flavor changes. Our guests are amazed at the difference in flavor using the same coffee in different kinds of coffee brewers. The taste of coffee is a combination of coffee quality, grind, water … [Read more...]

AeroPress – an Ugly Way to Brew Coffee by Karen Paterson

Imagine a romantic dinner followed by a spectacular cup of coffee brewed right at your table. The waiter brings a siphon brewer - how interesting; or a french press - how elegant; or a pour over filter - how special; or an AeroPress - how ???.  There is nothing elegant about an AeroPress. The AeroPress was created by a toy company which may explain its lack of elegance. I have always resisted … [Read more...]