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How to Make Better Tasting Coffee

Here are eight suggestions that can improve the taste of your coffee: Coffee You can not make good coffee from bad beans. Beans that were picked more than a year ago, or beans that were roasted months ago will not make good coffee. Supermarket coffee has a 9 month expiration date. it won't taste bad but it will taste dull and flat. Make sure that the coffee you brew was picked this year … [Read more...]

Sweet Coffee by Karen Paterson

Most of the coffee sold and served in the world is bitter and sour. Yet, red ripe coffee beans contain natural sugars and have a sweet taste. Not the sweetness of a candy bar or a soft drink but the subtle sweetness of a ripe fruit. At the Hula Daddy plantation we let visitors pick red ripe beans and taste them. They always expect an acidic bitter taste, they are surprised when they find the fruit … [Read more...]

“Throw Out Your Drip Coffee Brewer!” by Karen Paterson

Manual pour over coffee is hot.  Coffee shops all over the United States are offering manual pour over cups of coffee starting at $5.00 a cup. A well done pour over coffee is significantly better than a cup of automatic drip brewed coffee. The difference is that the coffee is pulsed into the brew basket slowly to extend the extraction time. You can make a manual pour over yourself but you have to … [Read more...]

AeroPress – an Ugly Way to Brew Coffee by Karen Paterson

Imagine a romantic dinner followed by a spectacular cup of coffee brewed right at your table. The waiter brings a siphon brewer - how interesting; or a french press - how elegant; or a pour over filter - how special; or an AeroPress - how ???.  There is nothing elegant about an AeroPress. The AeroPress was created by a toy company which may explain its lack of elegance. I have always resisted … [Read more...]

Hawaii Magazine Readers Pick Hula Daddy as Top Kona Coffee

The March 2014 issue of Hawai`i Magazine named Hula Daddy Kona Coffee the top Kona coffee in the  "Best Of The Best:" 2014 Readers' Choice. Karen Paterson, owner of Hula Daddy Kona Coffee, commented : "This is an amazing honor for us. The fact that Hawai`i Magazine readers included Hula Daddy Kona Coffee in its selection of  "Best Of The Best: 2014 Readers' Choice" signals that our constant … [Read more...]

Before You Buy an Automatic Single Serve Coffee Brewer by Karen Paterson

Single serve coffee brewers have eclipsed traditional automatic drip brewers. Instead of an automatic drip coffee brewer, more and more families make coffee using a single serve pod or capsule.  Pod and capsule brewers typically make better tasting coffee than drip coffee brewers but are not as good as french press or manual pour over brewers. In an April 2015 article Ken Davids points out why … [Read more...]

How to Brew Kona Coffee Using a Pour Over Filter by Karen Paterson

Manual pour over coffee brewing is the "new rage." Gourmet coffee shops all over the USA and Canada have converted to "slow bars" where every cup of coffee is individually brewed. This gives the customer the ability to pick the beans they want brewed instead of having to take whatever is in the airpot. The trade off is that instead of a $1.50 cup of coffee, each cup now costs $5.00 and up.   We … [Read more...]

7 Easy Steps to Become a Gourmet Coffee Taster by Karen Paterson

At Hula Daddy Kona Coffee we show our guests how to taste coffee and how to identify the differences between coffees.  Learning to differentiate coffees isn't hard. You don't have to "cup" coffees like the professionals. You can learn that later.  Cupping is easier if you learn the basics of tasting coffee first. 1. Brew two different coffees. For the first time try to get coffees that are … [Read more...]

Storing Fresh Roasted Hula Daddy Kona Coffee by Karen Paterson

 Hula Daddy Kona Coffee is one of the world’s finest coffees. However, to keep tasting the subtle flavors of our coffee you need to keep it as fresh as possible. Hula Daddy Kona Coffee beans are sold in a flavor seal bag that will keep the coffee fresh for weeks However, once the bags are opened the beans are exposed to air, strong odors and moisture and begin to lose the subtle flavors that make … [Read more...]

Hula Daddy Kona Coffee * Coffee Review Top 30 Coffee for 2013 by Karen Paterson … [Read more...]