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Things to Know Before You Buy Gourmet Kona Coffee

All Kona coffees are not alike. Saying that all Kona coffees are the same is like saying all wine from Napa is the same. There are bad, average, good, and extraordinary wines in Napa. The same holds true for Kona coffee. … [Read more...]

Brewing Premium Kona Coffee by Karen Paterson

If you want to brew the best cup of Kona Coffee possible, we have some suggestions that will help you. 1. Buy fresh 100% Kona Coffee Beans you can make bad coffee from great beans, but you cannot make great coffee from bad beans. You won’t find great beans at your supermarket, Wal-Mart, or Costco. Discount stores buy distressed coffee at cheap prices. High quality farmers do not sell to discount … [Read more...]