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Limited Edition Allocation Lists

Each year we have small harvests of a number of high-quality coffees. The harvests are not big enough to put on our website menu. We have tried different ways of offering them to our customers. If we sell them at the farm our long term mail order customers don’t know about them and miss out. So we have decided to sell them online only through allocation lists.

We have individual allocation lists for the following coffees:

  • Bourbon Pointu Laurina
  • Karen J Red Bourbon Peaberry
  • Kona Sweet Dry Natural Peaberry
  • Kona Mocca™
  • Laura’s Reserve SL-28

NOTE: Placement on the allocation list will be in order that allocations requests are received.

There are some rules:

  1. There is no limit on the number of bags per shipment you can request for allocation.
  2. We plan to use half pound bags for allocated coffees but reserve the right to change our mind.
  3. You may decrease your allocation at any time (one bag per shipment is the minimum)
  4. Any request to increase the allocation will be treated as a separate request and will be placed at the bottom of an allocation list
  5. You will receive a notice in our Enewsletter telling you the bag size and price of the coffee
  6. You will receive a PayPal invoice for your allocation prior to roasting and shipping.
  7. Payment must be made through PayPal before the shipping date. You do not have to join PayPal, you can pay the invoice with your regular credit card.
  8. You are not obligated to accept an allocation, but if you pass or fail to pay, your allocation will be removed.
  9. Each allocation list will be separate and will be carried over to the next harvest.
  10. We cannot guarantee that everyone on an allocation list will receive a coffee. We will fill allocations in order of sign up until we run out.
  11. You will move up the allocation list as others drop out.

There is no charge to go on the list.

Join an Allocation List